We are here to solve serious problems.

We build tech companies and solutions that succeed — and last.


As hands-on entrepreneurs, our focus is on tangible solutions.

We support Corporates to build technology based businesses and solutions. We are product and IT experts with significant experience in industries where quality, security and compliance matter even at the MVP on day 1.

How we work

A detailed analysis of the problem is fundamentally important for the development of a comprehensive digitisation strategy. We then define a clear goal and the results to be achieved. In interdisciplinary working teams of entrepreneurs, developers, designers & marketers, we penetrate your problem and then provide various proposals for solutions.

Based on the strategic orientation and the preceding analysis, transformation projects and new business approaches must be implemented quickly and precisely, tested iteratively and customer-centered, and further developed based on KPIs before they go into rollout. Together we work on a clear definition of test cases from product and tech perspective – ready for prototyping or development.

Once the prototype phase is completed, we will work with you to develop the MVP into a mature and marketable solution. Implementing technology and software solutions at the highest level is our core competence. In order to develop and integrate a sustainable user experience, we combine a well thought-out user experience with an aesthetic user interface design and technical excellence.

Together with you, we empower the entire organization to drive change independently and sustainably. We provide your employees with the right methods and tools so that they can work in a self-determined, agile and customer-centered manner - and become "entrepreneurs within the company" who successfully manage the new business models or solutions themselves.


Let us work together on your digital future.